I choose to Speak Up! Light Up! 

We come from a culture where the role of women is very much defined by traditions, social setups, and a disconnection from the true nature of being a Woman.

Women. Who Are We?

Inspiring Beings here to be sources of Inspiration, Birth, Life, and Abundance.

What do we see in reality?

Burnt out,
“I can do it myself”,
Caught in constant comparison and “not enoughness” state of mind.

When and what exactly went wrong does not matter anymore. Let the past stay in the past. Talking about the present, it’s time to claim our real power back, our magic, and our ability to craft our reality in a desired direction.

It requires work on yourself, a portion of self-discovery tools, readiness to take a leap of faith, and letting go of all that no longer serves you.

But you should not go through it all alone. For this purpose, we created this platform – iSpeakUp! LightUp! – that empowers and inspires women to unleash their unique talents, gifts, and abilities, and light up the world. Be nurtured in an environment of encouraging, supportive, talented, and resourceful like-minded women visionaries.

Here, you have access to the necessary tools and support when it comes to either starting up or scaling your own business, transitioning to a new career path, or simply expressing yourself more and becoming visible.

You were not created to hide your brilliance from others. The world needs your unique gifts and abilities. It needs your creations that can serve others. Therefore, we built a community where you can start sharing your unique talent, learn how you can present it to a broader audience, either through speaking on stages, crafting an inspiring story packed in a bestselling book, or getting access to real, legit media outlets that have their own communities worldwide.

Finding your unique voice and finding the way to express it might take time and courage, but once again, you choose how this journey is going to unfold: sitting in frustration, fear, and unfulfillment, or coming out of your shell and getting excited about upcoming endeavors.

Our platform allows you to build genuine long-lasting partnerships and friendships through authentic interactions, either in a business networking format and/or through adventurous experiences, where you can have the opportunity to try something new, do something different, and most importantly, be yourself.

If this resonates with you, we are happy to welcome you into our growing global community!

Meet you in person at one of our Business Summits and retreats. Or help you craft your authentic brand, using your unique story and self-expression together with our professional team of experts.

If you are not yet ready, you are more than welcome to use this platform to start learning more about yourself, try different actionable tools, and meet inspiring women. We commit to creating great content and becoming your guide to a fulfilling life that allows you to speak up, light up, and be your authentic true self.

With Love,

Valerie and Manel

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