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Story and Mission

Originally launched as a podcast featuring accomplished entrepreneurs, industry celebrities, influencers, thought leaders and reached listeners from over 52 counties, our platform has evolved into a vibrant community of women visionaries from different parts of the world.

Our mission is to foster unity, cultivate genuine connections, and establish an empowering space where women can embrace their authenticity, unleash their unique voice, and positively impact the world.
If these values resonate with you, we invite you to join our community, invite your friends, and embark on a journey of growth, creation, and collaboration as we collectively light up the world.

and coaching:

We equip women entrepreneurs, and those who want to start their own business with the knowledge, tools and skills to reach their full potential.

and retreats:

We create business summits, workshops and exclusive retreats to connect, share knowledge and create unforgettable life experiences.


We help visionaries to expand their impact by establishing a trustworthy brand and authority as well as facilitating visibility.

Speak Up! Light Up! Business Summit

February, 2024
Park Hyatt, Dubai

Our inaugural signature event, the Speak Up! Light Up! Business Summit, took place in Dubai. Female founders, influencers, and investors from more than 14 nations convened to exchange knowledge, foster growth, forge valuable partnerships, and cultivate genuine friendships while opening doors to new opportunities.
Following the business event, we also endeavored to curate unforgettable experiences and moments of excitement together with our international speakers and guests.

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Riyadh, KSA


Our Partners

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    Valerie V. Kim

    serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, self-mastery coach, world champion athlete.

    Driven by her passion for entrepreneurship, Valerie has dedicated herself to creating projects that seamlessly blend creativity, business acumen, and social impact. With an international background, she possesses a unique ability to expand businesses across global markets. Since 2017, Valerie has been on a mission to empower women to achieve mental, emotional, and financial independence, encouraging them to become architects of their own reality. 

    Leveraging her expertise in reinvention and personal transformation, she has guided countless individuals to revolutionize both their businesses and personal lives. Embarking on her own journey of personal growth, Valerie has achieved remarkable success in both her business ventures and athletic pursuits. From spearheading numerous international projects to conducting over 100 interviews with esteemed figures —including A-list celebrities and influencers—Valerie has established herself as a world champion athlete and a beacon of inspiration for those striving for excellence.

    Dr. Manel Chikh

    serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor.

    Dr. Manel’s professional journey is marked by a unique blend of roles in both the corporate world of the healthcare industry, spanning local and international levels in about 50 countries, and as a serial entrepreneur and visionary mentor. Her career is characterized by a deep-seated commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.
    In mentoring entrepreneurs, she brings a passionate approach to guiding them through the intricate process of nurturing and scaling their groundbreaking ideas and businesses.

    Dr. Manel’s dedication also extends to empowering women, having successfully guided hundreds in shaping their lives around their personal values and ambitions. Functioning as a strategic thinker and an expert in the nuances of corporate dynamics, she offers invaluable advice and perspectives to founders and CEOs worldwide.