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we facilitate high-quality networking opportunities, as well as growth and impact expansion possibilities for women business owners.

If you are ready to level up your visibility and authority in your industry, seize the exclusive opportunity to work with top professionals!

We are excited to support you in:

Brand Power-Up

Transform your brand into a powerful and memorable experience for your clients!

Craft Your Brand Identity and Strategy: Develop a clear and compelling mission, vision, values, goals, and brand story. Identify your niche and ideal client profile to stand out in the market.

Design Your Brand Visuals: Create a cohesive visual identity with a unique style, color palette, logo, fonts, graphics, and a complete social media kit.

Build a Captivating Website: Develop a website that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and captivates your audience, turning visitors into loyal clients.

Create Engaging Digital Assets: Produce a 5-minute brand story video and 8 reels, including product placements if needed, to connect with your audience and enhance your brand presence.

Professional Photo Shoot: Enjoy a professional photo shoot with 10 expertly edited photos to showcase your brand’s best side.

Discover Your Powerful Style: Identify your most impactful style and shop with a stylist to ensure you always look and feel your best, representing your brand with confidence.

Level Up Speaking

Enhance Your Speaking Skills to Stand Out and Shine

Elite Speaking Coaching: Receive three 90-minute coaching sessions with the world’s top speaking coach to refine and elevate your speaking abilities.

Signature Speech Development: Craft a compelling signature speech, including a persuasive sales pitch, tailored to your unique style and message.

Professional Speaker’s Trailer: Create a high-impact speaker’s trailer to showcase your expertise and attract more speaking engagements.

Exclusive Speaking Package: Gain a speaking slot and promotional opportunities at the prestigious Speak Up! Light Up! Business Summit.

BONUS: Enjoy professional photos and videos from your speaking engagement at the Speak Up! Light Up! Business Summit, capturing your best moments on stage.

Level Up Your Book

Elevate Your Story to New Heights

Book Writing Coaching: Work with a multiple NY Times bestselling ghostwriter and copywriter to bring your book to life.

Book Trailer: Create a captivating book trailer to engage your audience and generate buzz.

Book Cover Design: Get a professionally designed book cover, including a photo shoot if needed, to make your book stand out.

Custom Landing Page: Develop a landing page for your book and related services/products to enhance your online presence.

BONUS: Enjoy a book signing and launch opportunity at the prestigious Speak Up! Light Up! events.

PR Power Up

3 Months of Exclusive PR Agency Services, including:

3 Months of Exclusive PR Agency Services, including:

Tailored PR Strategy: Craft a unique PR strategy designed to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Media Outlet List: Receive a curated list of media outlets, including printed and digital magazines, radio shows, and podcasts that align with your brand identity and business nature.

Dedicated Editor: Benefit from an assigned editor who will support you throughout the PR strategy execution process.

Professional Biography: Get a professionally written biography that will be pitched to journalists and media outlets.

Publication Updates: Stay informed with regular publication overviews sent directly to your email.

Expert Copywriting: Enjoy expertly crafted articles and content from our team of professional copywriters.

BONUS: Professional Photoshoot: Enhance your PR portfolio with a professional photoshoot, creating a powerful impression.

We have access to over 50,000 legitimate media outlets across Europe and the United States.

Speak Up! Series

We help visionaries expand their impact

Feature as an Expert in the Movie Series alongside other successful women visionaries;

Development of the storyboard and line with a possibility to integrate and feature own business (product/service placement);

Series distribution on one of the digital TV platforms like Amazon Prime; NYTS Banner feature of the Series with all experts;

Media Coverage (ongoing features, promos of the Series, 3+ years); Speaking at Speak Up! Light UP! Events;

Lifetime Asset – Create Your Legacy;

BONUS: Retreat in AlUla on 7-10 of November;

(Create a tailored SCALE UP!  Package for your business and brand)

The entrepreneurial journey should not be a lonely one. In fact, you can feel supported, stay focused, and accomplish your goals faster by having access to a group of like-minded resourceful individuals.

Join our BUSINESS WOMEN MEMBERSHIP to get access to:

Monthly accountability calls to reach your life and business goals;
Monthly meetings with world-class experts who can help you with business strategies and growth;
A supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who cheer on your progress and support your development;
Special opportunities to gain more visibility and reach your target audience;
Exclusive offers to participate in our virtual and in-person events held worldwide;

Business Guide

Get a copy of our Business Guide:
Start Up! Scale Up! A Self-Coaching Guide To Thrive In Business And Life 

This great tool provides a comprehensive framework for women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses while nurturing a fulfilling and balanced life. Each module addresses key aspects of business growth, personal development, and well-being to support your journey toward success and fulfillment in both business and life.

Whether you want to start your own business or you are a well-established business owner, this workbook will help you establish a great foundation for further steps, maintain alignment between your life and business goals, and provide a step-by-step guide to accomplishing those goals.

The main focus of the workbook is to help you set up or adjust an existing business around your desired lifestyle.
The workbook consists of 12 modules. Each module addresses key aspects of business growth, personal development, and well-being to support your journey toward success and fulfillment.
At the end of each module, you can find practical exercises to ensure effective learning and real-life implementation.

Some of the Modules:

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